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My Hair Story: Kayah Hazell

Kayah Hazell Mother - Student We asked Kayah, in her final year of her Broadcast Journalism degree and mother of 1, a few questions about her personal hair history! Can you relate? What is your hair type? I find it hard to classify my hair type. The back half of my head is quite thick and tight coils, whereas the front is much looser and although its still thick, it doesn’t seem to have defined curls. I don't use heat at all on my hair so I’m unsure of how it ended up like that. I would probably say its a cross between 4A and 4B.  What is your first hair memory? My first hair memory was sitting in the kitchen before my birthday party,...

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My Hair Story: Bianca McLeish

BIANCA MCLEISH Entrepreneur We asked Bianca, Milk & Cookys Founder a few questions about her hair journey so far! Can you relate? What hair type are you? Ummm.. Very Very Thick curly hair, comes fro the part Indian in my Dad I guess! What is your first hair memory? So my first hair memory (purely because of the embarrassment) was my mom cornrowing my hair into the infamous "Beehive" style at about 12 years old.. I hated it because it literally looked like a cocoon! But she thought it looked stylish and to be honest I think she was experimenting with styles. But I went to school the following day and remember everyone laughing at me. To be honest it actually...

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My Hair Story: Annika Spalding

 Annika Spalding Mother - Author - Entrepreneur We asked Award Winning Author Annika Spalding some questions about some of her hair experiences! Can you relate? What hair type are you? I think my hair type is 3B What is your first hair memory? I remember deciding to do my hair myself because it hurt when my mum did it. My mum was white and knew very little on what to use for my hair. We used baby oil, so I put that in my hair and combed it out, and tied a ribbon around my head like a headband. I’m not sure what I looked like but I was pleased with myself. What race are you? I’m mixed race,...

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